9 Workout Tips You Can Steal From This Bachelor Contestant

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
It's tradition for there to be at least one fitness professional scattered amongst the batch of Bachelor or Bachelorette contestants. On Rachel's season, there was Eric (and later on, Peter). Last night, on the premiere for Arie's season, Krystal Nielson introduced herself as an online health and fitness coach who's "passionate about nutrition, people, and helping them reach their best potential to be the best versions of themselves."
Despite the somewhat vague job title, Krystal's credentials are very legit. According to her staff bio for Orange Theory fitness, she's a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM MMA Conditioning Specialist, Nationally-Qualified Bikini Competitor, Yoga Sculpt Instructor, and an ambassador for Yoga for Homeless. You know, NBD.
One scroll on her Instagram page is enough fitspiration to last you till next week's Bachelor episode. So, we found the best fitness advice that Krystal has to offer on her Instagram page, from how to lift heavy barbells to how to nail advanced yoga poses with ease. Overall, Krystal seems like a very strong contender for the rest of the "journey" — literally and figuratively.