These Jeans Had A 600-Person Wait List

You never want something until you can't have it. So, each week in The Sell-Out, we're getting the scoop from your favorite retailers on what's selling like crazy. Watch this space to find out what everyone's buying, sign up for wait lists, and keep tabs on restocks.

Update: Good news! The Form jean from AYR, which had a 600-person wait-list before it launched (and had its second supply sell out in less than a week), are back by popular demand. Click on to shop them ASAP, before they're out of stock...yet again.

This post was originally published on May 8, 2016.
Finding the perfect pair of jeans can take, well, a lifetime. So when we heard that one of AYR's styles racked up a 600-person wait list within hours of being available for preorder, our ears perked up and demanded to know what was so damn great.
AYR claims these pants, dubbed "The Form," are the coolest jeans ever — and it might be because they're 100% cotton denim, beat up just so, and fit-designed to make your butt look amazing. Plus, between the perfect summertime wash, cropped length, undone hem, and ripped (but not too ripped) knee, you're hitting all the best denim trends in one pair. If you drop the $275 to make these your own, we won't blame you for wearing them every single day — in fact, we recommend you do.
Our friends at AYR say they almost sold out of the jean entirely when they opened pre-sale, and a second shipment is expected to fly off the virtual shelves just as quick. So if you've been searching high and low for the perfect jean, don't think twice about giving this much-anticipated pair a try. Click on to shop them (and some similar styles) for yourself.