You May Not Know About These Sneaky Airline Fees

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These days, it can be easy to nab a flight for the price of a fancy meal. As airlines continue to roll out whopping deals and flash sales to compete for our attention and cash, commercial air travel has become cheaper than ever.
While that may seem like a positive news for travelers, it's important to keep in mind that the airlines are likely to make up for the price cuts with sneaky surcharges. To help you stay vigilant as a consumer, we've listed the most commonly overlooked airline fees you need to know about.
Baggage Fees
Each airline has a different price scale for checked baggage, so it's important to brush up your knowledge and check the airline's official website before you head to the airport. Seatguru also offers the policies of each airline in great detail.
Generally speaking, if you're traveling domestically, you'll be charged $25 for the first checked bag and anywhere between $35 and $40 for the second. Depending on where you're traveling to, international fliers may get either one to two pieces of checked luggage allowance at no extra charge. You might want to rethink going overboard with your luggage: Most airlines charge a premium cost for checking the third piece, which comes to around $100 to $150. It's worth noting that while there are strict limits for the size of your carry-on, carriers like Delta, JetBlue, and American don't have a weight requirement: So worse comes to worst, you can toss your heavier items to bring onboard.
Phone Reservations
It might be worth just sticking with your laptop for this one: If you're opting to book your flight on the phone, many airlines charge of between $15 to $25 for making the reservation this way. Surprisingly, Southwest and Spirit are among the few companies that have waived the fee.
Pet-Related Fees
Bringing your pet along can be a pretty expensive decision. According to, airlines typically charge an extra fee of $125 per animal for domestic flights.
Seat Selection
Most non-budget airlines won't charge you for pre-selecting your seats, while budget carriers will charge you anywhere from $6 to $20 for the option. Airfarewatchdog has the lowdown.
On-Flight Comforts
If you're the type of person to get chilly on planes, it'd be wise to wrap yourself up before hopping on a plane: JetBlue charges $5 for a fleece blanket, while American Airlines will offer you a fleece coverup for $8. The good news? You can always keep them around for future use.

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