Aussie Jeweler Does Not Equal Makes Fantastically Shiny (And Affordable) Adornments For Men and Women

It's no secret that there's an unusually large abundance of talent down under, and now you can add Aussie jeweler Does Not Equal to the growing list of reasons why the island is quickly becoming one of our favorite places to scout for goods. The statement-making necklaces, bracelets, and rings are made of black and steel chain, and all the heavy-metal goods go for under $100, to boot (but look like they're worth way more). Our favorites include the Arc Cuff bracelet—tough and bold with an hard silver edge—and the Chubby ring, simple enough for everyday wear but bright enough to garner major compliments. And perhaps best of all, they're even offering up a 20% discount on all purchases with the discount code "truth" at checkout. As if we needed another reason to scoop up that $69 chain-trimmed fisherman cap for all our Fleet Week festivities.