Best Getaway Giveaway Ever? Auberge Resorts Will Spoil You Rotten!

Between It bags, killer-shoe collabs, and even tickets to the swankiest events in town, we've given away swiggety-swag (did you know it's an acronym for Stuff We All Get?) like it's our job. Well, since we are solely devoted to hooking you up on the regs, here's a freebie that's sure to make you freak! Auberge Resorts is offering R29 readers an exclusive, off-the-charts haute handout for a one-night stay at any of its properties, including dinner and breakfast for two, and ... wait for it ... a pair of Luminous Earrings from A.Link
If you've ever stayed at one of Auberge's ravishing retreats in Napa, Cabo, Aspen, South Carolina, or Oregon, you know that this is a BFD (another fun acronym for you). If you haven't, here's a little intel: A wedding we attended above the vineyards of Auberge du Soleil will go down in the books as the numero uno nups in terms of chic-factor, and there's pretty much no more romantic destination this side of the Pacific than Esperanza (think seascapes that seriously look faux and waiters who behave more like personal butlers). And, teaming up with stately jewelry house A.Link is an opulent no-brainer, especially since its motto is to "make diamonds perform" — that's spectacular double-whammy customer service at its finest!
Now, here's where you come in. Since amour tends to be a theme at these havens (and always with next-level gems), this giveaway's gist comes full circle with a personal tale: Give us the dreamy deets of your most romantic night yet, and how these fabulous sparkly studs would have made the evening even better. The winner will be chosen next Tuesday, December 4, based upon sheer wow-factor. (Shh, we won't be asking for photos or love notes as a fact-check, if you want to get imaginative...)

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