Au Revoir Simone’s Cool-Girl Style

"That was so fun! It was like therapy," says Annie Hart. We've just asked the three women of Au Revoir Simone to talk about each of the other members' differing styles, and they've taken the concept and run with it. Like their perfectly in sync harmonies, Hart, Erika Forster, and Heather D'Angelo play off each other like clockwork, throwing out sly observations and jokes without dropping the beat for a moment. "Sometimes Annie's inner Drake comes out, and sometimes my inner goth from when I was 15 comes out. I'm a Virgo," explains D'Angelo at one point.
While the band has been making music together for a decade now, Au Revoir Simone hasn't released an album since Still Night, Still Light. But, that's about to change come September 24, with Move In Spectrums, the band's first new LP of gauzy dream-pop in four years. "I think having the space apart gave us the chance to really figure out who we were as a band, and what it was about our music that was fulfilling for us and our audience," says Forster.
Yet, even though time has passed, the band's sound remains blissfully consistent. Behind Au Revoir Simone's army of analog synths, the trio's voices provide a human backdrop to the preset tones. If anything's changed, it's that Spectrums is an exploration of the group's more uplifting side. "I'm really more interested in making dance music, something that's a little more fun — that's what I feed off of in my life. So, that's what I wanted to bring to the table; this boombastic (that's a word we've been throwing around), more exciting, slightly more dance-oriented beat," says Forster. (The band's blasé Twitter bio: "A keyboard band from Brooklyn" grossly undersells its talents.) Ahead, we catch up with Erika, Heather, and Annie to talk the new album, life between records, and their evolving personal style over the years.

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