Beauty Sleep: New Tome Features Snoozers At The Chateau

We'll never tire of The Chateau — what with its rich Hollywood history and swanky soirées, it's the epitome of true Tinseltown glam (unless, of course, LiLo's in town!). Well, one photog wanted to share the storied hotel's most intimate mattress moments with the rest of the world — and we're not talking about hanky panky! Our buds over at Urban Daddy clued us into Jork Weismann's new coffee-table tome Asleep At The Chateau, which highlights celebs and non-A-listers alike as they count sheep at the Sunset landmark.
With a preface by Bret Easton Ellis, stars like Patti Smith, Orlando Bloom, and Eva Longoria are featured snoozing, along with guests who rarely make red-carpet appearances. While entirely voyeuristic, the series is at once startling and stunning. Yes, we feel a tad like Peeping Toms, but we're digging Weismann's ability to capture people in their most vulnerable state in such a creative way. If you're intrigued (we'd suggest you get your noggin checked if you're not!) head on over here for even racier snaps. Sweet dreams!

Photo: Via Jork Weismann