This Highlighting Powder Looks Like Crushed Diamonds — & Makes You Shine Like 'Em, Too

It's no secret that highlighter is my all-time favorite makeup product. My co-workers know this, my family knows this, and now the guy I've been seeing knows this, because after we hang out, his face is covered in sparkles. Sorry, dude, it comes with the territory.
Needless to say, it's highly unusual for me to leave my house without some sort of highlight on my cheekbones, which means I'm on a never-ending quest to try as many colors, brands, and formulations as possible. Truth be told, though, I kind of thought I'd seen it all. So when I discovered Artist Couture's Diamond Glow powder highlighters for the first time via YouTube, I knew I needed to get my hands on them.
The name spoke to me first. I'd like to glow like a diamond, thank you very much. I also liked that the formula was loose powder, meaning I could mix them into foundation, primer, or any other liquid item. Top that versatility with an extensive and diverse shade range, and I was sold.
My shade of choice is Illuminati, a mid-toned Champagne flecked with silver shimmer, which works with my neutral undertones and light/medium complexion (if Illuminati isn't your jam, though, they've got 11 other shades ranging from a pure white to a deeper gold to galactic purple). The first thing I noticed upon swatching was that the powder is insanely fine, which makes it so easy to blend out onto the skin. As someone who wants to bathe in shimmer constantly, this is basically my dream quality in a highlighter.
After testing out several application methods, I found that the powder worked best for me when layered on with a tapered dome-shaped brush dampened with setting spray. That way, when I dipped my brush into the powder, the product clung onto the brush and applied seamlessly.
After a few swipes with the dampened brush, my face had a stunning, healthy glow without looking sparkly. But if you want a high-watt sheen, you can easily build up to that, too — the possibilities are endless, as far as highlight goes. Next up, I plan to mix some of it into my body lotion, because no, I will never, ever have enough shimmer.
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appearance by Mi-Anne Chan.
Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder in Illuminati, $26.99 available at Artist Couture.

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