Here's Giorgio Armani Shirtless In WSJ. We Ask, How Is He 77??

We might not exactly look forward to getting older, but at least Giorgio Armani's WSJ spread (online today, on newsstands Saturday) gives us a glimmer of hope. The guy's obviously talented, but at 77-years-young, he's also a bonafide (shirtless) stud! And a bonafide, smart stud at that, telling WSJ about how, "fashion makes no sense, unless it serves the primary purpose of dressing people." Seems practical to us, no? All too practical for a guy that has two large onyx panthers in his entry hall and "a larger-than-life statue of a Roman god in his gym." Now we're just wondering if the deity was sculpted after him...let's hope it's bronze, too! Click through for more soundbites from the interview, including Armani's health secrets (Demi Moore's plastic surgeon? We joke) and the future of his biz. (WSJ)
Photo: Courtesy of Douglas Friedman/trunkarchive

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