Armani Exchange Encourages Drivers To Wear 3-D Glasses On The Highway

Armani Exchange is launching a new 3-D print, online, and billboard campaign to promote its new fall line. With the 3-D glasses that will be provided free in the September issues of GQ, Interview, and V magazines, readers will be able to see A|X print ads in 3-D, and will be able to view an online 3-D music video. From WWD:
"The video shows a guy putting on a leather jacket and motorcycle gloves and getting on his Ducati motorbike, escaping from the fiery streets above and taking refuge in a mysterious urban underdome, where he meets a beautiful woman. He strips off his jacket and leather belt, she takes off her jacket, and they start caressing and making out."
Caressing! Making out! In 3D! Additionally, they'll have a billboard constructed on the Long Island Expressway...that you can view in 3-D. Because that sounds safe. (WWD)

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