Why You Should Buy These Work Pants Before Everyone Else Does

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Finding a reliable (and not stuffy) pair of black trousers can take a lifetime, but we speak from experience when we say that investing in a high-quality pair that can live up to the frequency you'll wear them is one of the best shopping decisions you can ever make.
Oftentimes, though, the selection of work-appropriate attire available feels like it's about 10 years too late. That's why we tend to gravitate toward Aritzia for office staples that aren't meant for the Working Girl era — and we've found one pair of trousers there that we (and apparently tons of other people, too) can't get enough of.
The brand's Babaton Cohen pant, made from an ultra-soft Japanese satin back crepe, hangs perfectly and feels smooth and soft against your skin — so there'll be no pinching or fidgeting when you're sitting at a desk all day long. With a fit that's relaxed through the thigh, slim at the ankle, and hits at that sweet spot you usually have to pay to get your pants hemmed to, it's no surprise that Aritzia can barely keep them in stock. (As a proud owner and wearer of this particular pair myself, I can tell you that all of the above is true, and the wrinkling situation isn't bad, either.)
Available in a selection of neutral hues for your versatile-wearing pleasure, the Cohen costs less than $150, so there's a good chance your desired color and size combo will be wiped clean in no time. Click on to scoop them up before it's too late — and if you waited too long to score these gems, we rounded up some options that do the job just as well.