The Sexy Meaning Behind These So-Called Aphrodisiac Foods

Photo: Getty Images.
If you're planning a romantic date night with bae, chances are food is going to be involved. Maybe you're splurging on dinner at a swanky restaurant. Perhaps you're ordering them a pizza. Or maybe you've already started loading up a shopping cart of oysters in hopes that they will help you seal the deal.
Sadly, unless your date's kink is eating raw mollusks (in which case, that's totally cool), there's very little legitimate evidence that aphrodisiacs have any magical sex powers. Most of the hype surrounding certain foods can be attributed to cultural lore, or perhaps a placebo effect. That said, there's nothing wrong with trying — so long as you don't expect anything extraordinary to happen.
Ahead are some foods that people claim are aphrodisiacs, and their erotic origin stories. And hey, if you want to incorporate other types of food into your Valentine's Day sex routine, there are certainly ways to do that.

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