Why Anna From The O.C. Is Our ’00s Beauty Icon

Photo: Courtesy of FOX.
Tube tops over long-sleeved shirts, tartan kilts with matching berets, diamanté chokers and camisoles over...anything. We are, of course, recalling the outfits of one Anna Stern — the unsung star of The O.C. for any true Orange County fangirl. Come on, Summer was so, like, predictable. And Coop? Do you remember how Mexico went? No. Thank. You. From the moment Anna stepped on-screen, we were rooting for her and Seth to make things official and for Summer to just get locked in the pool house.
Kooky, funky, quirky, and random are all apt words to describe underdog Anna's style, but it was her hardcore pledge of allegiance to butterfly clips and fresh-from-an-Alpine-storm blush that set our young hearts aflutter. Discounting the artillery of furry flat caps, which we will be leaving, quite firmly, in 2004, allow us to reintroduce: Anna Stern's finest beauty moments. Because, frankly, she had the strongest alt-girl, all-American look since Ange in Girl, Interrupted. In fact, from this day forth, we declare her our aughts beauty icon. Get your clear mascara and Juicy Tubes ready, people...