Anna Sui Is An SAT Question, Dakota Fanning Cleans Up, And Emma Watson Makes Us Feel Ugly

A fill-in-the-blank question on the latest SAT's read: "Because her clothes are both inventive and lucrative, Anna Sui is truly a _______ designer." If we had questions like that, we SO could have aced the test!(Fashion Week Daily)
Here's another pop up shop we can get excited's Girl Scout cookie season! (Gothamist)
Emma Watson's face is plastered along the future home of Burberry on the Upper West Side. Great, like we needed to make ourselves feel bad about how much of a mess we look today. (Racked)
Damn, Dakota Fanning sure did clean up well after her Runways costume changes. (Nitrolicious)
FIT grad Karolina Zmarak is reinventing "convertible" clothing. Converting the convertible? Now that's talent. (The Cut)
Have you heard anything about the Sex and the City sequel? Yeah, neither have we. (Jezebel)
Brooklyn Denim Co. in Williamsburg is now open...because you can never own too many pairs of skinny Hudsons. (BlackBook)