The Best Ankle Boot & Jean Pairings, Period

When we're putting together an outfit, most of our attention is devoted to the top-and-bottom combo. If it's a special occasion — or we happen to be #feelingourselves on any given Tuesday — the other components will get the same love and care. The rest of the time, though, we kind of just...wing it. Little black booties and flat leather sandals can do us no wrong (well, usually), and our oversize tote swoops in for the win. But, during the fall, the lower half of our #OOTD warrants a little more attention, seeing as the top half will be buried under some form of outerwear 90% of the time. Luckily, our ankle boot and denim game is looking mighty strong this season, and it's ready to seize the spotlight. To get the ball rolling, we dreamed up the best jean-and-shoe pairings that'll make you reconsider how you go about planning your outfits.

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