Patrick Bateman Would Shop Here: Haute Couture Menswear At The Plaza

Designer Angelo Galasso has been on his haute couture menswear grind for 20-plus years, but come this month, he's landing in NYC for the first time ever. And, duh, he's headed straight to The Plaza. The newly revamped, 3,800-square-foot Edwardian Room will become home to Galasso's pristine designs and play host to tailored, primped, and spendy shoppers alike. Originally a mens-only cafe and then a hotspot for "Power Breakfast" during the prohibition, it feels like a natural fit. Sure, it kind of makes for an American Psycho clientele , but they need something to measure up to their raised lettering, pale-nimbus business cards. And, with fine, Italian-made leathers, impeccable suits, and an atmosphere that screams, "come 'n' get me Donald Trump," (as if The Donald would never have enough sartorial sense to shop here) we're pretty positive Angelo Galasso is just the thing. No just don't go Patrick Bateman on our ass.
Click through for some serious eye candy and start saving for Father's Day.
Angelo Galasso, 770 5th Avenue (at 58th Street); 212- 549-0500.
Photos: Courtesy of Nadine Johnson & Associates

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