Now We Get The Real Story: Kelly Cutrone Vs. Andrew Mukamal

We knew that there was more than meets the eye of the whole Andrew Mukamal leaving Peoples Revolution thing—c'mon it's Kelly Cutrone. Though the pair, who both starred in Cutrone's show, Kell On Earth , which centered around her PR antics, were at one point inseparable, Mukamal was let go from the company right before Fashion Week. While the dapper dude hinted that they split because he wanted to do more styling, it seems that might not have been his only reason for leaving—Cutrone finally broke her silence and went on the record to the New York Post , and didn't exactly have the most flattering things to say about Mukamal: "He cared more about being a TV personality than being my assistant." She also griped about the fact that the fashionista was posting daily pictures of his outfits on his eponymous blog in front of the People's Revolution logo (the snaps, when we checked today, are no longer on the site), saying "just because you worked as an assistant in the fashion industry doesn't make you an expert." We like and have written about both of them, so we're not going to take sides, but we don't think this is the last we've heard of this hellish feud—indeed, Mukamal has recently pitched his own reality show to E!. Meow.

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