You’ve Never Seen Makeup Like This Before

We tend to show you a lot of DIYs — most recently of the holiday-makeup variety — here at Refinery. And, you know what? DIYs are great. No, they're awesome: They allow you to be the makeup artist, and they, hopefully, show you ideas that are actually wearable.
But, makeup can also be an art form — colors, shapes, and patterns with references alluding to everything from mod to Cubism — that's beautiful even if you don't want to wear it on your own face. Andrew Gallimore is one beauty guru who fully embodies the "artist" part of his job title — he does, after all, have a background in fine art. "I'm always interested to see what else you can decorate a face with, rather than just lipstick, powder, and pencils," he says. He's referred to his aesthetic as a "version of a twisted fairytale," citing his desire to create a strong narrative in the photographs of his beauty looks.
Rankin, a legendary photographer who's also the mastermind behind the it-Brit magazine Hunger, helps Gallimore tell his stories, whether they're a play on Day of the Dead or stained glass. Now, he has assembled a book paying homage to their various collaborations over the years, simply titled Andrew Gallimore, which is a must for the bookshelf of any makeup addict.
Click through to see some of Gallimore's favorite photos from the book, plus the stories behind them.