Amy Adams As Janis Joplin: Good Idea Or Great Idea?

News from the Hollywood rumor mill: Our auburn actress of choice, Amy Adams, is attached to forthcoming Janis Joplin biopic, Get It While You Can? Yes, Ms. Adams (seen presciently slugging whiskey in the Boy. by Band Of Outsiders lookbook) is a decade older than Joplin was when she checked into the 27 Club. But, she surely has the youthful looks and acting chops to pull it off.
True, her signing voice was just serviceable in The Muppets, but we think she'd still find a way to belt out the songs. Couple of flies in the ointment, though. Director Lee Daniels is circling the project, and, while his Precious was lauded, his The Paper Boy was a critical and popular laughingstock. As well, a good handful of promising Joplin biopics with solid stars attached (Renée Zellweger, Zooey Deschanel, Jenna Maroney) have come and gone, and the closest we've ever gotten to seeing her life on the screen was 1979's The Rose. Basically, we'll have to see about this one.
What's your take? Is Adams the right choice? What's yours? (THR)
Photo: Courtesy Band Of Outsiders.

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