Born In The U.S.A: 8 Pretty Pieces That Are Made In America

Who said wearing American pride on your sleeve has to be limited to the Fourth of July? Around here, we keep it pretty patriotic all year 'round — especially when it comes to our gear. While designer wares from yesteryear used to be deemed unique if crafted in Italy or France, these days we're used to our threads being produced all over the globe. So, in the spirit of supporting our homegrown economy, we've sought out easy summer pieces that were made right here on our own soil, in the good old U.S. of A.
Whether you spend your Saturdays this summer at the beach, or campaigning for your local congressman, you'll feel good knowing where your duds come from. Click through to scoop up shorts, frocks, and even shoes crafted by our fellow countrymen and women, and wear them proudly.