Amanda Seyfried Gets Cray Cray With A Raccoon, On Conan

First Kristen Bell went ballistic over sloths on Ellen, and then, last night, Amanda Seyfried "blew her mind" over Conan's taxidermy raccoon — what's with these chicks and their odd animal fetishes (and feeling compelled to share this particular brand of peculiarity with talk show hosts)?

Last night, the
starlet admitted to owning quite the collection of "stuffed" animals including a mini-horse, a chickadee named Linda, and an owl named Beatrix. Clearly, Amanda likes her some taxidermy, which prompted Conan to gift her said raccoon (who just so happens to be equipped with a jet-propeller pack on his back). Wonder if she'll name him after her benefactor? Watch the video we first caught on Vulture, for a trip to this funny farm!

Video: Courtesy of Conan O'Brien