The Best All-Weather Boots — Editor-Tested & Approved

A pair of cheapie date heels, the flats you only wear at the office: These are shoes that can afford to not be top quality. One place where flimsy won't fly is your winter boots. Those babies are the only thing standing between you and the dreaded condition known as "slushfoot," so anything that's not completely cozy, 100% waterproof, and consistently slip-preventing in the sleetiest snow is a non-starter in our book.

Because we, too, have owned way too many pairs that don't fit that bill, we decided to put winter boots to the real-life test. This author wore them in rain, slush, below-zero weather, and New York's recent #Snowpocalypse. After weeks of stomping around, I found seven boots that could put an end to cold, wet feet and squishy socks forever.

Read on for seven styles that are not messing around.

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