IMBOYCRAZY Blogger Alexi Wasser Reveals Her Private Obsession

Alexi Wasser, Writer, Blogger, and Actress

Meet L.A. actress Alexi Wasser. You know her. You do. She's the virtual version of that lovable, frank friend we all have. The one you share everything with — the good, the bad, the sex — whether you're in a bar, on the phone, or on the couch with a half-empty bottle of wine. It's no surprise, really. The creator of the beloved, buzzy IMBOYCRAZY blog and

Boycrazy Radio
call-in show totally outtalked us, sharing more of herself and her unique career path than we could possibly fit in this post (sorry, AW). In this mere taste of Wasser's words, we learn how straight talk about sex and love affects her relationships, the origin story of IMBOYCRAZY, and the therapeutic effect of oversharing on her fans (and herself).

You started off as an actress and a comedian, but now you’re running a super-popular blog and an advice-based radio show. We take it this was somewhat of a surprise for you?
“I had no idea this would end up being my life. I always knew I loved writing and making people laugh. But that’s about it. My life and path are a total surprise to me. I would do stuff — write, act, make videos — and, based on people’s reactions, I got the validation that inspired me to keep going. I didn’t expect it to go like this. I just kept going toward what intuitively felt right and fun for me.”
And how did IMBOYCRAZY begin?
“As a hobby. About four years ago, I had a boyfriend at the time, and I was totally inappropriate and would overshare stories about past relationships and really uncomfortable dating and sexual experiences. I shouldn’t have been doing that — thank goodness my boyfriend at the time was so entertained by my ridiculous stories! He was like, ‘You gotta start a blog, and write all these things down.’ And I thought, ‘Ugh. I don’t want to be a blogger. That’s so disgusting and weird. I hate the word ‘blog.' No way!’ But then I thought, 'Well, if I must.' So he set up my WordPress account; I started writing and got really into it.”
And what do you think made it so successful?
"I was willing to be the butt of the joke, and be really honest and forthcoming, and write about all my most embarrassing thoughts and experiences — awkward sex stories, binge eating, measuring my thighs, hating my body, judging people’s way of life or my life choices, my being really self-conscious and at times very superficial, and all the other ridiculous thoughts that go on in my brain. Real life is embarrassing, and dark at times, with a lot of searching and self-doubt — it’s not always cool or glamorous. That’s what I wanted to shine a light on. From there, I started to evolve the blog into a place where I kind of serve as a big sister — someone cool that tweens can talk to about whatever they need help with. Stuff they might be too shy or scared to talk about with their parents or friends."
And that's what you do with Boycrazy Radio?
"It’s the highlight of my week! I’m able to connect with people over the phone — voice to voice — and, since it’s online, we can curse and talk about anything and everything, no matter how inappropriate. We talk about dating etiquette, communicating in this time of texting and social networking, sex, drugs, life goals, how to go about balancing friends, family, and career — a million things. If the calls are way too intense, I always have a list of emergency numbers of professionals more equipped to handle the caller's problem. It’s like medicine for me in a way, because it reminds me that we’re all so similar at our core and we’re not alone…even when we think we are."
And what's next?
"I've been asked to speak at high schools and colleges. I sold a scripted show to Amazon recently based on my life (Sex and the City meets Curb Your Enthusiasm), and I’m in the process of developing that. I’d like to write a book, make a film, and do a speaking tour at high schools and colleges across the country, and I’m producing a talk show for my website, too, called Alexi in Bed With (insert name of person I’d be interviewing here)."
And what do your parents think of all this?
“They still haven’t returned my calls! Just kidding. My mom is super supportive. She even listens to every episode of Boycrazy Radio and gives me her thoughts the next day!”
Now, does that frank sex talk and self-admitted oversharing have an effect on your…um…personal life?
“Ugh. Don’t even get me started. A lot of guys are intimidated. They think I’ll write about them if they date me. They don’t understand that it’s a lot more vague than they think it is. I write about my feelings on life themes, or I write about a scenario in such a way, you never really know who I’m writing about. But that’s okay, because I need to meet my match: Someone who’s funny and confident and gets the overall picture. Someone with a sense of humor, who likes me and respects what I’m doing and doesn’t get easily rattled.”
Well, okay, let’s turn the tables on that and try to rattle you. Tell us about a personal project or secret obsession that you’ve kept under wraps.
“My secret obsession is that I make bizarro songs and post them on I’m obsessed. Making weird songs gets me out of my head in between writing things. My friend and sometimes Boycrazy Radio cohost, Ariel Pink, named my band Karaoke, because I've yet to start writing my own songs. But all my musician friends are encouraging me. But other than that, I def keep it on the DL.”
Cool, we’ll give it a listen — and we promise not to tell anyone...

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