Alexa Chung Is The Queen Of Perfect, Day-Date Style

Alexa Chung is never one to slip up on the red carpet — even when wearing hard-to-pull-off trends like mock necks. And, we find it doubly impressive how the It Brit also translates that same irreverent feel to her off-duty styles.
To be sure, Chung has the whole not-trying-too-hard thing down pat — or, at least, that's the vibe the fashion icon has given off in recent daytime looks. Which is, really, all a girl can ask for in a casual, date outfit. Weekend plans still up in the air? Shoot the object of your affection a text, and pick up a few quick cues (and shop similar wares) from this pro in the slideshow ahead. Then, hit the brunch circuit, and let the chips fall where they may. It's what Alexa would do.