Exclusive: Alexa Chung On Why Skinny Jeans Will Never Die

Alexa Chung's back with another collection for AG, and that sound you hear is thousands of It Girls breathing a massive sigh of relief. Chung's first collection for the brand, released in January, seemed to scratch a fashion itch we didn't know we had — who knew the world was so ready to embrace the A-line denim miniskirt? — and the most popular pieces sold out fast.
But, not to worry. On Thursday, you can shop Chung's fall '15 collection, her last for the brand. Yes, the much-imitated button-front schoolgirls skirts are back. But with them are a slew of new pieces with a distinctively throwback feel but aren't slavishly imitative of any one era. There's skinny rib-knit sweaters that feel very beatnik-girl circa 1966, long-sleeve denim rompers that wouldn't be out of place on Betty Catroux in 1971, and the cropped sweatshirts and baby-bell Revolution jean are so very fashion girl circa right now.
In this exclusive chat with Chung, she shared her sketchbook inspiration for the collection, and told us how to avoid a dressing-room meltdown when shopping, why skinny jeans will never really die, and how she designs for a "badass gaggle of female reprobates."

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