Alec Baldwin Freaks At Fiancee's Yoga Peepers — We Kind Of Get It

Everyone seems to be freaking out about Alec Baldwin's (happy 54th, btdubs!) Twitter meltdown, but we're still stuck on his cause for alarm. It all began yesterday when two reporters from The Daily News snuck into his girlfriend's yoga class to photograph her new engagement ring. Naturally, Baldwin took to Twitter to express his frustration and call out the offending yogies (or fauxgies, if you will).
The (irrelevant) tweets regarding George Zimmerman aside (why you gotta go there, B?), we do agree with the star on this one: Creeping into a yoga class, of all places, to snap a photo of a celeb's fiancée? It's pretty low (like plank position low), and even the thought of a camera near us during our sweaty meditative state makes us a little uncomfy. Plus, Baldwin points out that his GF was only one of 75 people in the class, who in our opinion (that's ours and Alec's, obvs), were equally violated. For many people, yoga is a sacred place, so do the photographers deserve to get their asanas kicked for betraying that? Let us know, and namaste. (Gothamist)
Photo: Via Gothamist

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