This How To Get Away With Murder Star Just Wants To Watch Scandal

ABC's Thursday night trifecta of deliciously soapy dramas has had such a cultural impact that it's changed one of the most common acronyms we know. TGIF is now TGIT, and we couldn't agree more with that game-changing day switch. First came Grey's Anatomy, then Scandal. Then, this past fall, How To Get Away With Murder completed the ShondaLand trio and immediately became the must-watch show of the season. It's a testament to the wonderful Viola Davis, who stars as the smart, inscrutable Annalise Keating, sure, but it's also a sign of an extremely strong ensemble.
Actress Aja Naomi King is part of the Keating Five on HTGAWM. She plays Michaela Pratt, who at first glance seems like a well-heeled, extremely driven, type A law student, but like every other character on the show, turns out to be so much more than she appears. As the first season progresses, viewers learn that Michaela didn't come from the privileged background she let on, nor were things going to go smoothly with her aspiring-politician fiancé and future in-laws. The perfect life she'd worked so hard to cultivate is tumbling down around her like a house of cards, and Michaela is unravelling right along with it.
We had a chance to speak with King ahead of the show's return tonight on ABC. She let us in on a lot of secrets, although she still won't tell anyone how to get away with murder. Guess we'll have to watch and find out.
Warning: Very mild spoilers ahead if you're not caught up with season 1.

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