Agent Provocateur’s Racy Video Valentine’s Day Reminder

It must be something in the air. We're barely to mid-day and this is our third post on sexy, sexy advertising. This time around, it's the champ of suggestive marketing, Agent Provocateur, who have gifted us with a steamy Valentine's Card of a video.
Starring the leggy Rosie Huntington-Whitele, this almost NSFW commercial is targeted to the menfolk not just because of it's warm shots of the model preening and pining in front of her mirror (trust us, our fuzzy screenshots don't do her justice). Provided with a rudimentary plot involving office work, trenchcoats, bondage-by-sock, revenge, and cleaning ladies, this snappy vid gives us plenty of skin and a lesson we won't soon forget.
Update: Ooops. Looks like the people at A.G. have taken the vid down from YouTube. Rest assured, we are feverishly scanning the Interwebs for a replacement.