How To Dress Head-To-Toe On $75

Sure, we're totally lusting after the designs we saw on the runway during Fashion Week in New York and London. But, in real life, we wear more Zara and Topshop than rag & bone and Alexander Wang. Shelling out thousands of dollars per outfit isn't exactly practical for our life plan (which generally includes needing food and shelter). But, just because we don't have the funds to don designer getups on the regular doesn't mean we don't still look good — like really good. Our secret? We’re constantly seeking out those savings-friendly pieces that look anything but cheap.
And, the pickings are a lot better than one might expect — as long as you're willing to do a little digging (or let us do it for you!). Plus, this tricky, transitional period between winter and spring means you'll be able to score big on all those end-of-season sales. So, in the spirit of saving, we put together five under-$75 outfits that will make you look like a millionaire — even on a broke-girl’s budget. Click ahead and say bye-bye to buyer's remorse!