Plan a bike trip with new shop, Adeline Adeline

There's nothing quite like that feeling of riding your bike without a care in the world... your dress flapping behind you and a basketful of flowers leading the way. Don't get us wrong, we'd love to play hooky for a day and take our bike (and stylish accessories) out on a date, but here in New York City, it seems like the only bikers are the ones who think they can compete with taxi for room on the streets. If you're like us and consider yourself less of a Lance Armstrong and more of an Audrey Hepburn á la Roman Holiday, then you're in luck. Julie Hirschfeld, owner of new Tribeca bicycle boutique Adeline Adeline, is determined to make a New Yorker's search for a breezy, stylish city bike super-easy. She's stocked a collection of bikes that possess both vintage charm and practical mechanics. Her store, which officially opens Tuesday (though you can still pop in this weekend), is packed with everything from an English Pashley bike (complete with wicker basket!) to a playful German Retrovelo Cruiser, plus all the trimmings you'll ever need. And if all this bike talk has put you in the mood, check out Julie's top three bike routes (maps included) so you can cruise in style without getting lost! Gregory Peck—sadly—not included.
Adeline Adeline; 147 Reade Street, (between Greenwich and Hudson streets); 212-228-1150
Tuesday to Friday 12 p.m. to sundown; Saturday and Sunday, 11.a.m. to sundown.
1. The Prospect Park Loop (indicated by the aqua lines)—"A fantastic place to enjoy a weekend ride and a picnic."
Above, from top to bottom: Linus Mixte ,$559, available here; Pashley Poppy, , $995, available here.
2. West Side Waterfront Greenway Path (indicated by the aqua lines)—"This is a great path that's even more fun on a bike."
Above, from top to bottom: Retrovelo Klassic Paula, $1,800, available here; Pashley Princess Sovereign, $1,295, available here.
3. Over the Brooklyn Bridge—"It takes just the right amount of time and is magical at night."
Above, from top to bottom: Pashley Guv'nor 1, $1,595, available here; Retrovelo Klassic Kara, $1,450, available here.