8 Stress-Reducing L.A. Acupuncture Clinics That Take Insurance

Thanks to Obama, we’ve all got health insurance now (right?). But, did you know that little card in your wallet — courtesy of your work, your 'rents, or government-sanctioned — is worth way more than monthly prescriptions and an annual checkup with your lady doc? It can also cover a whole slew of holistic services, from acupuncture to massage — as long as you know where to go.  And, as it turns out, you’re in the right place. L.A. is a hub of wellness, and you can get treated at some of its best spots with nothing more than a co-pay. Because, you really should be using your benefits to their full potential! With that in mind, we’ve rounded up a list where getting (insurance) carded, will save you cash, and let you find “serenity now” even sooner. Of course, not every clinic accepts every plan, so be sure to call in advance to confirm your coverage, or you might need a whole other treatment to de-stress from the bill.
Photo: Courtesy of Poke.
You won’t find cherry blossom paintings and tinkling fountains at this Melrose Ave. acupuncture studio. Instead, you’ll find a cozy, rustic-industrial interior stacked with paint-by-number art, cool vintage medical equipment, leather armchairs, and lots of plants. Owner-practitioner Russell Brown paid his dues in the film industry before realizing his love for tiny needles. That’s when he got his Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine and opened Poke for people who cringe at the slightest hint of patchouli. With his beautiful tattoos and disarming demeanor, Brown is just as welcoming as the non-traditional space, and will put you at ease whether it’s your first time under the needles or you’re a professional pokee. Poke, 6917 Melrose Avenue (near North Orange Drive): 323-387-3765.
Photo: Courtesy of Uplift.
Uplift Health and Wellness in West Hollywood is pretty much a one-stop shop for mind, body, and soul. Go the more mainstream route and get your spine realigned with their chiropractic services, or go full-on alternative and have your energy healed by Joshua Farahnik, the clinic’s master energy therapist. Of course, you can also get your muscles massaged by Uplift’s resident massage therapist and your meridians unblocked by their staff acupuncturist. Thanks in part to its classy, charming space, this clinic is more modern-minimalist than weird and woo-woo. Uplift, 1022 Palm Avenue (near Holloway Drive); 310-425-2793.

Rachel Orselli 
Being next to the ocean is calm-inducing in and of itself, but travel to Rachel Orselli’s quaint residential studio in Venice and take your chill vibes to the next level. With a Master of Science in traditional Chinese medicine, Orselli combines acupuncture with aromatherapy, and depending on her assessment, cupping and herbal therapies as well. A gal this good is like finding a needle in a haystack. Rachel Orselli, 1106 Garfield Avenue (near Lincoln Boulevard); 323-813-6124.
Photo: Courtesy of East Meets West Center.
East Meets West Center 
This holistic Hancock Park hot spot feels more like a spa than a doctor’s office. Orchids and deep red décor details enhance the Eastern medicine vibe. With an acupuncturist, massage therapist, and nutritionist on hand, this tranquil center will get you on your way to wellness in no time. Facials, medical yoga — featuring poses known to treat particular disorders — and an on-site herbal pharmacy are a balancing bonus. East Meets West Center, 5820 Wilshire Boulevard (near South Curson Avenue); 323-936-8512.

Kristin Ebbert Acupuncture 
After working as an editor in environmental publishing, Kristen Ebbert became all too familiar with the effects those issues have on our health, and realized acupuncture was her calling. After getting her master’s of science degree in Asian medicine, Ebbert now wields her healing needles in an adorable house-turned-clinic on Larchmont, mere blocks from the Boulevard’s bustling strip. Hardwood floors and a cheery, homey vibe simply add to her integrative experience. Kristin Ebbert Acupuncture, 435 North Larchmont Boulevard (near Rosewood Avenue); 323-570-1060.
Photo: Courtesy of Meghan M. Miller.
Acupuncture Wellness Co. 
Charming doesn’t begin to describe Meghan Miller’s space near Beverly Hills, or the acupuncturist herself. Miller studied premed and worked in administration, finance, and operations, until a trip to Sri Lanka set her on a holistic career path. Enthralled with the culture’s use of herbal remedies, she got her master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Expect a 90-minute interview to start, and a treatment plan that could include everything from herbs to Tai Chi. And come with any qualms you may have, Miller is happy to work on balancing even the staunchest of skeptics. Acupuncture Wellness Co., 1155 South Beverly Drive (near West Pico Boulevard); 310-844-0741.
Photo: Courtesy of Golden Folks.
Nestled on Abbot Kinney in Venice, Acutonix is the go-to spot for needle-loving west siders. The modern, open-air space is flooded with natural light, far from the fluorescent glare of a normal doctor’s office. Patients have been getting poked here since the ’90s, when owner Adam Griffin, who studied acupuncture in Beijing and Santa Fe, NM, opened the cozy clinic. Got an issue with your lady parts? Whether fertility or cramps, you’re in luck— they specialize in women’s health. Acutonix, 1615 Abbot Kinney Boulevard (near Venice Boulevard); 310-399-7199. 

Golden Folk 

Sip a cup of chrysanthemum tea and inhale tranquility in the form of essential oils while you sit in the light-filled waiting area of this wellness community space in Silver Lake. Owner and acupuncturist/herbalist Sonya Schwartz specializes in the things all of us city-dwellers deal with — stress, sleeplessness, and fatigue, for starters. Schwartz begins with a thorough assessment and then devises a tailored treatment plan; spend an hour under the influence of her healing nature to leave all your urban ailments behind. Fire cupping, reiki, massage, and nutritional consultation are also on the feel-better menu. Golden Folk, 1615 Lucile Avenue (near Sunset Boulevard); 323-314-4046.