Accessories for a Cause: The Nelson Mandela Bangle

Not so long ago, we introduced you to the Obama Bangle. Now, we know, as nice as they are, there's just a tad partisan. So we're glad to bring you something that anyone—even you GOPers and independents can get behind—the Mont Blanc Nelson Mandela Bangle. Created for and unveiled at Mandela' 90th birthday, the platinum, silver or gold bracelets, produced in conjunction with the Nelson Mandela Foundation and Mont Blanc, feature a stamp of the South African civil rights leader's handprint and "46664," his prison number during his 21 years of captivity in state prison. Manufactured and then hand-finished by skilled craftsmen who have been infected or affected by HIV/AIDS, proceeds of all sales will go to the foundation when the bangles go on sale stateside in early December. Put it down as a holiday must-buy for the humanitarian on your shopping list.
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