8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Nov 20 2015

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The House passed a bill that would create a stricter screening process for Syrian and Iraqi refugees entering the U.S. Following in the grotesque trend of U.S. governors stepping forward to announce that they will block Syrian relocation in their respective states, the House voted to impose new restrictions on Syrian and Iraqi refugees attempting to enter the country. The Republican-backed legislation, which passed 289-137, requires each refugee to undergo an extensive background check and a vetting process led by none other than the heads of the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Director of National Intelligence. (New York Times)
Former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle was sentenced to more than 15 years in prison for child pornography and sex with minors. Jared Fogle, a former Subway spokesman, was sentenced to over 15 years in jail after pleading guilty to charges of possession of child pornography and illicit sexual conduct with a minor. In a bizarre attempt to garner a more lenient sentencing, Fogle’s defense team brought in a Canadian professor to argue that the former pitchman’s significant weight loss caused him to develop “compulsive sexuality.” (Read More)
Josh Duggar is being sued for assault by an adult film actress.

Ashley Stamm-Northup, known professionally in the adult film industry as Danica Dillon, filled a $500,000 lawsuit against Josh Duggar. Stamm-Northup claims that Duggar "assaulted her to the point of causing her physical and emotional injuries" during a consensual sexual encounter. (Read More)
Donald Trump isn’t opposed to forcing Muslim Americans to register with a national database and carry special ID cards. Donald Trump, who is the GOP presidential frontrunner, told Yahoo News that he won’t rule out the idea of imposing special surveillance on Muslim citizens, like tracking them through a database or requiring them to obtain a special ID that notes their faith. “We’re going to have to look at a lot of things very closely,” the businessman said. “We’re going to have to look at the mosques. We’re going to have to look very, very carefully. (Washington Post)
The World Economic Forum believes it will take another 118 years to close the gender wage gap around the world. The World Economic Forum released its 10th annual Global Gender Gap report, which claims that women will finally achieve global pay equality in the year 2133. Although more women are in the workforce now than ever before, progress towards wage parity has plateaued internationally. (BBC)
Oreo churros are coming to a grocery store near you.

Big news, Oreos fans (we assume that’s every single one of you). There’s a new way to eat America’s favorite cookie: as a creme-filled, grab-and-go churro. And there are not one, but TWO ways to eat the new dessert: 10” churros and smaller churro bites, which are, according to the press release, “ideal for at-home consumption.” (Read More)
Uber offered one-day on-demand flu vaccinations. Demonstrating that their delivery services can be of use to the greater good even when the greater good’s not drunk and too tired to take a train home or in need of a puppy hug, Uber offered users the chance to obtain a $10 flu shot from a registered nurse. The second annual UberHEALTH initiative delivered wellness packs, which included tissues, hand sanitizer, and water bottles, as well as flu vaccines in 35 cities. (Read More)
Adele’s 25 won’t be available on major streaming services, like Spotify. Sources are alleging that Adele’s hotly anticipated third album, 25, won’t be released on any major streaming services. In a move out straight of Taylor Swift’s playbook, Adele is forcing fans to do something they probably haven’t done since George Bush was in office: buy an album. Regardless of whether you’ll be able to blast it on Spotify or Apple Music, 25 is projected to break records, with Sony Music expecting to sell a total of 2.5 million copies in the first week. (Read More)

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