Oreo Churros Are Coming To A Grocery Store Near You

Image: Courtesy Of J&J Snack Foods.
Big news, Oreos fans (we assume that’s every single one of you). There’s a new way to eat America’s favorite cookie: as a creme-filled, grab-and-go churro. And there are not one but TWO ways to eat the new dessert: 10” churros and smaller churro bites, which according to the press release are “ideal for at-home consumption.” The stuffed Oreos bring up the total number of Oreo/churro mash-up products available to a total of five, including the original Oreo churros, which have no creme filling, and a newly-released Oreo crumb topping, if you really want to kick the Oreo experience up a notch. The 10” Oreo churros will be available at food retailers nationwide, so keep an eye out at your next movie theater outing or sporting event. The bites, thankfully, will be easier to track down. They’ll be available in the frozen food section and can be heated up in minutes, no county fair required. Oreo cookies are no stranger to the world of mash-ups. Already this fall, we’ve seen the release of the brownie batter Oreo and the toasted coconut Oreo. What’s next? The Oreo croissant? (Actually, that sounds great. Dominique Ansel, are you listening?)

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