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Shootings, explosions, and two suicide attacks occurred near the Stade de France Friday. Hostages were taken at Bataclan concert hall; at least 118 are reported dead. (Refinery29)
Three Syrian refugees share their stories. "Nothing lasts, the war will end," one says. (Refinery29)
Sex doesn't stop after pregnancy, but it changes. You might have low libido, be less kinky, or redefine what sex means to you. (Refinery29)
Why should you watch Netflix's "Master of None"? For starters, Aziz Ansari tackles everyday sexism — and got it right. (Refinery29)
We found a way to spend $1,000 at Whole Foods. It only takes 17 items. (Refinery29)
More than 100 women are suing Qualitest, a birth control company. A packaging mistake switched placebo and active pills. (Refinery29)
The biggest trends for Thanksgiving? Gourds, rustic centerpieces, copper flatware, and gold leaves. (Refinery29)
Starbucks is offering a buy one, get one free deal on holiday drinks. Get it from 2 to 5 p.m. through Monday. (Refinery29)
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