22 Of New York’s Best-Kept Fashion Secrets

Walking the streets of New York, you're bound to find a tailor, dry cleaner, boutique, and more on almost every block. So, how do you sift through the countless shops to find the truly worthy stops — you know, the ones you trust to hem the pants you just spent a fortune on, or put the heel back on the pair of shoes the city streets have absolutely destroyed?
To get the scoop, we’ve persuaded New York's style set to hand over their contacts list, open their diaries, and scan through their notebooks for the kind of tips they’d only share with their closest friends.
From word-of-mouth-only cobblers and specialized boutiques to the place for unmatched alterations, we uncovered 22 can't-miss, under-the-radar destinations to solve all your fashion conundrums. Let’s just keep them between ourselves, shall we?