The ’80s Beauty Trends We’re Dying To Bring Back

Okay, we know you know the '90s are back. We've been talking about it for months. And, just like when we were actually in the '90s, we're starting to grow tired of it. There's only so much vamp lipstick and middle parts a girl can take. So, where do we look for the next big trends in beauty? The answer, of course, is backwards — if the '90s aren't doing it, might as well take a journey through time into the decade where the hair was bigger, the contouring was sharper, and the lipstick more orange. That's right, we're talking about the glorious 1980s.
While for many, it might have been a decade of beauty regrets, we like to think of this as the time when women really leaned in to their looks. Subtlety had no place in the '80s — it was a "go big or go home" situation, and we're hereby endorsing a revival. Rid yourself of any preconceived notion that '80s equals tacky, and then click through to see the amazing looks of yore. You might be surprised at what inspires you.

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