7 Outfits That'll Inspire You To Take A Style Risk This Week

With just three days left in 2014, we can't help but dwell on those fashion risks we didn't take: the wide legs, the high waists, and the platform soles — all of those #OOTD opportunities that were intimidating, but sartorially enticing. Now, the clock's ticking, and every single one of our ensembles counts. So, belt your blazer. Double up on the plaid. Break out the bellbottoms. Whatever the little voice inside your head sheepishly suggests, do it.
And, because there's no such thing as a day off for fashion bloggers, we're looking to them to inspire these final extra-special outfits to bring 2014 to a stylish close. Whether it's a slight styling trick or a daring silhouette, these seven outfits will get you ready to take that leap into 2015, fashionable foot forward.
If you're looking to invest in a new spring piece, consider a pair of wide-leg pants like Sania Claus Demina's. Whether you call them culottes, gauchos, or capris, they've become a staple in most bloggers' closets — and a well-kept secret to making any #OOTD feel like a lewk.
Lilyanne Nguyen brightens up a cold day with some bold colorblocking. Together, the saturated hues can feel juvenile — but the blogger tones down the contrast between her yellow skinny jeans and green sweater by topping off her look with a leather moto jacket. The resulting look feels more grown up, but still playful.
There's a reason culottes are so popular among the blogger community: These trousers only make it seem like you're taking a fashion risk. Really, they're just an easy and comfortable way to play up a casual outfit. Teresa Karpinska of Style Drifter styles hers with a black crewneck sweater and golden kicks: Simple, but never boring.
Just because your college professor wears it doesn't mean you can't: Chanel Robinson breaks with our preconceptions about tweed, modernizing it as a flared skirt peeking out from under a chunky, oversized knit.
If Adenorah had a signature, it would probably be how she belts her #OOTDs. The blogger ties together all of her looks by highlighting her waistline. By stealing her styling trick, we can bring new life to our day-to-day blazers.
Cure-alls for a dreary, rainy day: hot chocolate, Netflix, and a cheery plaid coat, like Christina Caradona's.
Wide-leg pants are in, y'all. But, instead of slipping into culottes like two of the other bloggers on this list, Olivia Purvis opted for some retro-inspired bellbottoms. With some clever filter choices, this #OOTD seems like it was pulled straight from another decade.

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