Get Your Own Temporary Chanel Tattoos Or Double C Branded Samurai Armor

When it comes to Chanel, there are accessories...and then there are accessories. Yes, it's true: Besides handbags, jewelry, and shoes, they also make footballs, bicycles, fishing rods, and now even temporary tattoos and Samurai helmets (created by artist Tetsuya Noguchi in homage to the luxury brand). We're not sure how well Chanel-adorned Samurai armor can help perk up your winter outfit, but hey—Chanel's all about exclusivity, right? With a double-C fishing rod, you'd be the best dressed at the watering hole, and we guarantee that no other mall cop would have a Chanel-branded Segway. Here are the most bizarre accessories to get the Karl treatment.
Above, from left: Chanel Tattoos, $75, available at starting in February, image via Style List; Chanel Samurai Armor, image via The World's Best Ever.
Above, from left: Chanel Surfboards, image via PSFK; Chanel Guitar Case, $4000, available at select Chanel boutiques, image via The Bag Lady.
Above, from left: Chanel fishing rod, $14,664, available at Sport Chanel, image via Fashion Sport Channel.
Above, from left: Chanel Boomerang, image via Nitrolicious; Chanel Scooter, image via Walyou.
Above, from left: Chanel Bike, $17000, available at, image via Chanel.