8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Aug 28 2014

Although it's not profitable, disappearing photo app Snapchat has been valued at more than $10 billion. (CNN)
Wisconsin's gubernatorial race is the tightest in the country, but it also might be the most important. Here's why.
Whatever happened to your favorite mall stores from the '90s? And, does anyone want to play Mall Madness? (Racked)
Make time for this fascinating longread about a woman in Texas whose job it was to observe the final moments of the lives of death-row inmates. (Texas Monthly)
There's a new Apple product in the works, and it's (probably) coming early next year. (Computer World)
Divorce selfies: file under "things that exist." (Fast Company)
Who'd have thought Playboy would publish one of the most helpful guides to when it's appropriate to catcall someone?
Just when you thought your Clarisonic was complicated enough, a device rolls out that's like a micro-current workout you can do in your bathroom. Consider it a personal trainer for your face. And, if facial advances are your thing, read up on microneedling and facial aerobics.
snapchat-8things-embedPhoto: Courtesy of Snapchat.

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