8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Aug 27 2014

The Internet has rushed to learn everything there is to know about Miley Cyrus' VMA date — like the fact that he has an outstanding arrest warrant in Oregon — but here's why we need to give Miley and Jesse a break.
New York Times reporter Dave Itzkoff is writing a biography "about the life of the extraordinary Robin Williams." (@ditzkoff)
In case there was any doubt, global warming is real — and it's our own fault. (ABC News)
The NSA secretly built its own version of Google, which government agencies use to search more than 850 billion records of emails, phone calls, and Internet chats. (First Look)
Not surprising, but still disappointing: High-achieving employees are described differently in performance reviews based on their gender. (Fortune)
A tale of two award shows: Beyoncé turned her VMA performance into a feminist statement, but how is her hyper-sexualized performance different from Sofia Vergara and #Platformgate at the Emmys? And, to take it a step further, why do we complain about female objectification but readily ogle men without guilt?
Here's the model's guide to post-gym hair, so you can get your Gisele on, post-sweat. Not into it? Taylor Swift has some great post-workout beauty cues, too.
Finally, vindication is yours: Grrl Power officially sells. (The Standard)
miley-jesse-8things-embedPhoto: Via @mileycyrus.

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