Your Fall Wardrobe In 30 Essential Buys

You probably haven't had a real fall shopping list since safety scissors were one of the items, so let's bring that helpful guide back. Less requisite though it may be, this collection of buzzy buys will help keep you focused as you browse the racks looking for your autumnal ensembles.
If you're a prolific shopper, your must-gets are pretty much burned into your brain: a thick-knit sweater that's more Phoebe Philo than Captain Gordon; a pair of not-so-basic ankle booties to replace the ones you finally wore out last year; something pretty to wear to all those reunion happy hours you know are coming up; one statement layering piece that'll make everything old feel new again. Your list is deliberate and thought-out, and you check items off of it if — and only if — you come across the right fit. For a buyer as discerning as you are, seasonal shopping lists are sometimes the least helpful things around. Except, of course, ours.
We're not going to tell you what to buy. Rather, we're here to reinforce that inner checklist you've already got going. These 30 essentials might help you focus in on an idea (maybe that statement layering item will be a vest?), replace an existing thing on your list with something a little more special, or it could just end it all for you and introduce you to The One. Together, we'll add to, subtract from, refine, or expand that mental list of yours. Consider this the best homework assignment ever.

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