8 Things To Know This AM — Apr 28 2014

Cosmopolitan, often regarded as one of the least feminist publications in circulation, has hired Jill Filipovic as a full-time feminist writer. Is this a sign of change or an attempt to stay relevant? (Capital New York)
In head-shaking news, a new site called CodeBabes offers scantily clad women to help make work life less dull and tech talk sexier. We're hoping this is a spoof. (FastCompany)
The beloved Leslie Knope and the rest of the Parks & Rec crew are saying goodbye after next season. All good things must come to an end — even in Pawnee. (Vulture)
On the health front, reports from Saudi Arabia state that a new SARS strain has infected dozens. (Yahoo! News)
From MacBooks, iPhones, and apps to curing cancer and AIDS: Silicon Valley's next frontier is medicine. (Quartz)
One frontier Silicon Valley won't continue to forge is Google's G+. The company is dismantling the entire project. (Business Insider)
Internationally, South Korea's prime minister has resigned over the deadly ferry disaster. (The New York Times)
Finally, Malaysia's prime minister admitted missing flight MH370 was, indeed, tracked by the military. (The Independent)
8things_smPhoto: via @jillfilipovic.