Inside NYC’s Craziest Sneaker Closets

Meet Lisa Toff, Gina Batlle, Ant Hull, Wendy Lam, and Mike Salzano — five New Yorkers all with one thing in common: a sneaker fetish. This is a special pack that doesn't just consider trainers as part of their daily uniform, but fundamental to how they live and breathe. Crazy new Nike collab? They’re the first in line. Scuffs from a day of walking? You better believe that bottle of whitener is out and ready. And, there's a name for them — sneakerheads.
Sure, you can peep this bunch via their highly addictive Instagram feeds, but we’re stepping into their closets so you can meet ‘em up close and personal. Click through to check out their collections, find out what’s the craziest thing they’ve done to nab that must-have pair, and get in on what they believe the next It sneaker will be (hint: Kanye). When it comes to this crew, there’s no shortage of sole.