I DIY! That Crafty “P.S.—I Made This” Whiz Whips Up 3 Fall Accessories On the Cheap Just for Us

It sure ain't easy keeping tabs on our ever-expanding list of swoony must-have jewels, accessories, and clothes--especially for fall!--which is why we're prone to indulging in some DIY to get the look we're craving for less. But for Erica Domesek, a New York City-based lifestyle, design, and style expert, DIY-ing has become an obsession manifested in her crafty chic blog P.S.--I Made This. Driven by the mantra "I see it, I like it, I make it," Erica has garnered plenty of followers, including Vogue Nippon and GQ. And her latest challenge? To grant our wish and re-create a few of our favorite new accessories...yep, three ways to take a bit of craftiness and channel it into full-blown fall '09 fashion!
1. Embellished Tights (on the runway)
Materials Needed:
1. A pair of tights
2. Sequins
3. Fabric glue
4. Needle and thread
How to:
1. Place a piece of cardboard (some tights come with it) inside each leg. The cardboard will prevent both sides from sticking together, and will also stretch fabric to work on.
2. Use a super duper strong fabric glue to smother small areas on tights.
3. Cluster sequins on top of glue and spread all over the surface of the tights. Feel free to layer on top of one another for a more three dimensional effect. If you have any sequins or broken mirrored jewelry lying around, use them. Traditional sequins aren't the only option for tights--get creative!
4. Once dry, reinforce sequin clusters with a needle and thread. Use similarly colored thread to blend in with tights and sequins.
Sequins and fabric glue available at M&J Trimming.
2. Statement Necklace (on the runway)
Materials Needed:
1. Upholstery trim
2. Strand of pearls (or beads)
3. Suspender clips
4. Ribbon
5. Needle and thread
How to:
1. Lay strand of pearls (or beads) on top of upholstery trim and use needle and thread to secure the pearls with small stitches. If you have a broken necklace lying around, this is a great project to re-use it for.
2. Attach suspender clips onto both ends of your necklace.
3. Loop ribbon through suspender opening.
4. Finish off necklace with a big statement bow knot.
Upholstery trim, pearls, suspender clips, and ribbon all available at M&J Trimming.
3. Studded Gloves (on the runway)
Materials Needed:
1. Gloves
2. Grommets
3. Leather hole punch (available at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply)
4. Spike screws
How to:
1. Before puncturing gloves with grommets and spikes, plan out your design by laying materials on top of glove.
2. Once you have laid out design, push grommets through top layer of glove, securing points in the back. Press against a hard surface to avoid hurting fingers from sharp grommet edges.
3. Use leather hole punch to create design/holes. Be sure to mark material with a pen before punching to plan out where screws will go.
4. Insert both sides of spikes though material and screw together.
Grommets and spike screws available at M&J Trimming.
For more of Erica's DIY genius, visit her blog, P.S.—I Made This or follow here on Twitter.

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