Rebecca Taylor Has The Cure For Sparkly Statement-Necklace Fatigue

On paper, the reoccurring themes of Rebecca Taylor's fall '14 collection may cause some hesitation. Boxy, moto-inspired outerwear; mesh fabrics; raw, rock jewelry; and low-slung, baggy pants. We've seen other designers attempt the trends with results that, well, end up in the trying-too-hard category. But, not Taylor. She served up her own version of edge and grunge inspiration — one that's run through her feminine, effortless aesthetic.
In Taylor's fall lineup, it was the outerwear that reigned supreme. The rounded-shoulder shape remains popular in muted, pastel tones (an unexpected-but-welcome autumn color choice) and mesh was used wisely — placed where it could just could peek through rather than act as the main event. The New York designer also balanced her graceful, flowy dresses with a few different trouser options — some gently pleated and tailored, others printed with a slight sag reminiscent of '90s skate kids, but all at a perfectly cropped length.
And, that rock jewelry? Well, we couldn't help but stare at the stones adorning chokers, rings, and bracelets. Sorry, sparkly statement necklaces, but we've got a new accessory obsession for fall.

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