5 Things To Know This AM — Jan 08 2014

Does this Nolita gelato shop have the best flavors ever? Does it have Cantuccini and Port Wine? Answer: yes and yes. (A.B.Biagi)
It's likely your travel plans have been altered recently (thanks for nothing, Hercules). Think about posting your nonrefundable hotel reservation online, and turn lemons into lemonade. (Roomer)
MexiBBQ's new Weekly Blues Jam kicks off tonight as the perfect hump-day treat. (MexiBBQ)
ENDLESS is a newly-opened exhibition described as "anti-Bieber, pro-Miley...the majesty of youtube sensations, eternity whispered through screenshotz." How could you not go? (Con Artist Collective and Gallery)
Money can't buy you love, but it can get you this subtle-yet-stunning 14k rose gold 'love' ring, now a part of Sydney Evan's Pure Collection. (Sydney Evan)
EmbedPhoto: Courtesy of Sydney Evan.