Tilda Swinton On The Best Hotel You'll Never See (In 60 Seconds)

It's no secret we're more than obsessed with Actress-slash-icon Tilda Swinton, and really, who isn't? From We Need to Talk About Kevin to this dress, the Academy Award-winner consistently gets it right. To answer our (and every other Swinton-fanatic's) insatiable curiosity for all things Tilda, we met up with the Scottish babe (and her lover Sandro Kopp) for a mere minute to discuss her travel tips since this dreamy vacation flick already proves she's a pro on the subject.
Never letting us down (ever), Tildy spilled all on her favorite hotel (that you'll never see), her dream destination, and her number one aww-inducing travel essential.
What is your favorite hotel in the world?
"Well I'm gonna say something really true but frustrating because it's a hotel that doesn't exist anymore. But it was a hotel called the Clipton House in the village where we live and it was this fantasy hotel and I haven't met anyone who stayed there. It was a house, and it was run by the most extraordinary gentleman who just celebrated his 80th birthday, and it's silly to talk about it because it doesn't exist anymore but it is the dream hotel. You know, you went there and you had the fantasy that you were staying with him and you kind of never wanted to leave."
Any hotels that are open now?
"We're taking this seriously."
Very. Where are you staying in NY?
"We're staying with friends. Where would we like to pimp? That's the real question."
What about a travel destination? What's next on the horizon for you? What's the next trip you want to take?
"Home is definitely a travel destination…Permanently. Um, but we are hoping, that on the back of this magnum opus, Starwood would commission us to make a similar film in India."
Oh, that would be insane…
"And we're hoping that we could go for many months for pre-production. In terms of location scouting, proper kind of writing and rewriting 'in situ'. Yes, it's got to be 'in situ.'"
And what's one travel essential you can't possibly leave the house without on a trip?
"My sweetheart!"
Photo: Stewart Cook/Rex USA

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