Rachel Zoe Dishes On NYFW And Her Latest Collab (In 60 Seconds)

We've always been a fan of Rachel Zoe's impeccable eye for style, flair for over-the-top looks, and penchant for catchphrases. So when we got the chance to chat with her yesterday morning as she unveiled the windows she designed for Tiffany & Co. we died (natch). But as soon as we regained consciousness, had a sip of coffee, and snapped a few pics, we sat down with the stylist turned reality TV star-turned-designer-turned-window-display-artist and asked all about her love for Robin's egg blue, her time at Fashion Week, and if she ever stops working. Just don't expect any news on that ex-assistant of hers, she's staying as tight-lipped about Brad's World as she is far away.
The Tiffany & Co. windows you designed are themed as glamour through the decades. Which decade do you channel most? "It's weird, I have a love for all of them in different ways, which is why I decided to do this concept — there's something I love about every single decade. Some moments are a bit more deco and then there are ones with pearls and feathers and things like that. But I would have to say in my own personal daily life it would have to be the '70s. It's kind of that whole disco era in fashion."
If you could only wear one piece of jewelry for the rest of your life (besides your engagement ring) what would it be? "Honestly, a watch, a really chunky watch."
Any specific one you already have? "No, but I was looking at the cases here. I collect them and there are a few I see. I love kind of big gold watches."
What was your favorite show this season? "I have a lot of favorite shows but Marc Jacobs was incredible, Rodarte, Phillip Lim, I've loved a lot of shows."
How are you planning on unwinding? "I haven't even thought about that yet, I don't think I get to do that for another couple weeks after the Oscars. But unwinding to me at this point is staying at home with my son and my husband."
How do you keep busy on the plane when you're traveling back and forth? "I have a baby now so I no longer can do anything on the plane instead of look after my son so there's no more reading or sleeping on planes. Flying for me is a little different now."
I know you were looking at the Tiffany's cases downstairs. Is there anything in particular you have your eye on? "Everything! I want the serpent necklace in the window. I want the keys, the key collection is pretty incredible. I love the gold mesh."
What are you most looking forward to wearing for spring? "I would say long maxi dresses and skirts are my favorites, they're what I'm most comfortable in."