Kristen Wiig Breaks Out The Holiday Bow

rexusa_1837866pPhoto: Everett Collection/REX USA.
It's a brave sort of person who shows up during a holiday event wearing a piece of rickrack. Whether it's a reindeer sweater, round ornament earrings, snowflake tights, or red-and-green tartan, you either have to be in on the joke (we see you, Aunt Linda) or totally unaware that there's a joke being made in the first place (great eggnog, Aunt Myrtle!). But, there's a special sort of person who's able to wear it and look chic. Kristen Wiig? That's a mighty fine neck bow you've got there — and we mean that in all seriousness!
It's got a matador-playing-The-Little-Drummer-Boy-in-the-Christmas-pageant vibe, which sounds a lot more hokey than it looks. Chalk the polish up to her simple accessories, smokey eye makeup, and loose locks. Plus, with a simple, bell-sleeved button-up and cropped trousers, the rest of the look is totally copyable. We don't know how we'd feel if the bow was red or green (or, God forbid, both), but in a simple black, it's festive but not silly — a smart thing to keep in mind when you're getting dressed for the holidays!

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